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Over the many years of practicing medicine I have come to fully grasp the concept of “you are what you eat“.


As our understanding of medical disease deepens we have come to learn how big of a role nutrition and in turn nutritional deficiencies play in the disease process . This is the reason I spend a great deal of time and emphasis in my practice on discussing nutrition that is individualized to each patient.

I am also a great believer of nutritional supplements . Patients often ask if they should be taking vitamins. My answer is that this depends on each individual’s lifestyle, diet, and medical conditions. There is no general guideline to what every person should be eating or what supplement they should be taking.

In my practice I use an evidence based approach to nutrition and supplements and do extensive testing to see where patients are deficient , what are their risk factors , and how well do they absorb what they are taking . Through this I tailor a specific plan to them and guide them as to what they should and should not be eating and which supplements will optimize their health.

One of the major problems with Supplements however is that they are not FDA regulated and depending on the manufacturer, patients can be getting a product that has many additives and impurities which have no nutritional value or benefit and in some cases can cause unwanted side effects in some individuals. It was this very problem that started our quest of creating a vitamin line that used only pure ingredients, with no impure additives that had maximal absorption.

At N-Harmony we have partnered with the leading manufacturer in the nutritional supplement industry and have come up with a product line that is free of any binders, and other potential allergy- causing additives. In this vitamin line extensive steps are taken to eliminate GMO’s, gluten, and dairy. Our products such as fish oil are tested for mercury, PCBs, lead, cadium, and arsenic. The botanical products and minerals get tested for heavy metals such as lead, as well as residual herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

Our products are manufactured in the USA at an American owned and DFA inspected facility.

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