Geriatric Medicine

As our population ages and now lives to a much older age than they ever did in the past there are new medical issues that they encounter .


It is important to have a doctor that is familiar and well versed in these areas and can help patients through this part of their health journey . In my practice I place great emphasis on aging and related issues such as functional decline , memory issues , osteoporosis, gait and balance disorders, and incontinence.

I also find that in the elderly population poly-pharmacy is often a big problem and has very detrimental effects on the individual. This is the reason I place great emphasis on medication management and minimizing the number of drugs in this population . Fewer drugs usually brings fewer side effects and in turn an improvement in their overall functional capacity. My goal is to assist patients achieve their maximum capacity and best quality of life possible in their later years and provide a support system to their family and care givers to ease the burden of managing multiple health issue that arise as people age.

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